Calculating the amount of siding you’ll need


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“If you’re thinking of having fiber cement siding installed or are thinking of installing it yourself you’ll need to know how to calculate how much you’ll need so to better keep fiber cement siding cost down and efficiency up…”


Well you’ll be glad to know that by having basic math skills you’ll be able to come to a close estimate with room to spare. First of all each home is different and ti’s not just a matter of calculating the square root of this or that but looking at your home’s design , checking for nuances such as it’s unique design and those protuberances and additions to narrow things down so that you order not only what you need but that little bit extra for modifications and specialized customization.


Getting to the basics it first calls for you to make a realistic assessment of the surface area of your home. This can be done first by taking a pencil and paper and sketching out the main geometric shapes you see. Squares, rectangles, circles, trapezoids, triangles. If for example the east face of your house is a simple large rectangle with a triangle at top, then associate both shapes as two areas. The height and width of the rectangle gives you the square footage or square yards. Then the triangle at top is base x height calculation. Take into account that the windows area should be included as you’ll be cutting around that. If you have circular windows know you’ll need to have that shape cut from the siding. Now look at the western side of your house. Let’s say you have the same rectangle and triangle configuration but this time there’s an extension halfway down the the rectangle side with a dining area sticking out perhaps ten feet. Then that structure’s area has to be calculated as well for the two sides and front. It can look tricky but the company you’re buying the fiber cement siding from should be able to work with you each step of the way.


Now if you’ve done that you’ll need your measuring tape or measuring device and get down to the inch or centimeter leaving room for excess. You’ll then begin to shop for the type of fiber cement siding you’ll need and that is the fun part. Because of the various types of siding you can find something that looks modern or captures that classic type of siding from yesteryear. The more decorative might not be the most expensive so clear communication with the manufacturer is essential here. They may have a discount on volume or type. They might even have discounts regarding new products they want to see on houses as soon as possible. If you’re lucky and you get that deal you are saving a bundle and that goes into the calculation of how how much siding you’ll need as well as overall Cost of Cement Board Siding.


Fiber cement siding is a unique product in that it affords protections against any number of environmental challenges like wind, water, cold, and flying debris. It can be of monumental change in regard to energy costs. And on top of that the industry is changing in regard to the decorative side of siding. As more creative minds get to work on these products new and more elaborate forms should emerge. You may also mix and match some types and that means when calculating how much siding you’ll need you’ll need to be precise so you can have the right amount of each type.


That’s about the size of it regarding calculating how much fiber cement siding you’ll need. Just basic math and a good eye, good communication with the manufacturer and you should be good to go.



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