Fiber Cement Siding – Options, Prices, Colors


Fiber cement siding with all of its benefits, prices and options - it's no wonder why it's a favorite choice amoung consumers when upgrading their house siding.

Ever since fiber cement siding came into existence, customers have been left in amazement at how excellent the product is and how it not only met their expectations but far exceeded them. The overall benefits of what the siding brings is enough to convince anyone that this type of siding for the home or your property is the wise choice.

What Is Fiber Cement Siding

First of all, fiber cement siding is specially engineered and tested with the most rigorous conditions in the laboratory and out in the field. The scientists and specialists who work on this type of siding make sure that they finished product not only meets the safety standards, but also the high quality of construction that the manufacturers and customers demand. They know that solid engineering with consideration of the challenges that the product will undergo are of paramount importance. They establish what is basically required and then work on up from there, testing and trying, adding and enhancing until they arrive at a siding solution that you can afford and apply.

Durability Of Fiber Cement Siding

Unlike the traditional sidings like wood, vinyl, and aluminum, fiber cement siding has all the best parts of its predecessors and some new bonuses of its own. Take for example its durability. The composite is so strong that once applied it can withstand hurricane force winds and take those debris impacts with ease. Not only that but the scorching sun won’t damage it like wood or vinyl. Vinyl will warp sometimes making it in need of replacement. Same can happen with cold weather. If the vinyl is sub par and/or the temperatures unusually harsh, you can kiss your vinyl siding goodbye. Same goes with the heat too. A protective outer siding solution should take into account the need for protection against extremes in weather.

Fiber Cement Siding Options:

The smart homeowner knows that his investment in a property is of utmost concern. Whatever is applied to the home should not only be of practical use but in the case of siding, it must be attractive enough to make the home feel and look just right and of course to raise the value and equity of the home. Fiber cement siding does just that. The engineers take this into consideration and you’ll be surprised at some of the various styles and configurations of the top companies. You can get siding that looks as good if not better than the historic homes. Matter of fact, nowadays you’ll find some of these historic homes having been resided with fiber cement siding in order to capture that look and add that extra protection.


Another attribute of this type of siding is that it keeps the warm air in during winter and the cool air in during summer. We’re talking weatherization with muscle here. The strength of fiber cement siding is now legendary and that’s due to the careful study and applied technologies the manufacturers engage in. Sometimes it takes years, over a decade in many cases for the fiber cement siding experts to research and develop and test their products. They make sure that from the time it leaves their drawing boards, hits their labs, faces their technicians and administrative experts, the product has been rigorously tested to the point that they feel confident that you’ll be confident regarding their products.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost:

They have to do this because it means a better serviced customer and secure customer. The fact that you’ll be spending your hard earned money on this type of siding to protect your home, family, and investment calls for this kind of expert study and application. Aluminum siding is cheaper as is vinyl but both can’t compare overall to fiber cement siding. Wood is high end for sure and time tested but fire and insects and water and mold can destroy your siding sometimes with far more detrimental effects. That’s why the new fiber cement siding is the choice of the new millennium. It’s tested tried and true and comes often with warranties that are longer than most people live. You can’t beat that for confidence!

So overall, fiber cement siding is stronger, more resilient, easily customizable, protective and an investment far exceeding other siding solutions.

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