fiber cement siding vs vinyl siding – who wins?


fiber cement siding vs vinyl siding - what's better?

“For years, homeowners and building owners have used vinyl siding to improve the look of their properties as well as protect them. Vinyl became the siding of choice because it’s easy to cut and install and is lightweight. It came in several colors and even textures to simulate other types of exteriors but the problems vinyl has had made it all but obsolete given the advanced applications of fiber cement siding…”


Fiber cement siding has far more advantages. First of all it’s strong and durable. You’ll find that the composites that the Fiber Cement Siding Manufacturers have come up with over the decades rivals rock itself. The engineers who develop this Composite Siding know they have to face the standard challenges and more. They don’t settle for one thing but compound the protection by making Composite Siding that not only provides protection but can be modified to meet the cosmetic high marks that exterior siding should to give your home or property that special look. The home is the biggest investment of your life and you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on some modification that will be troublesome and not contribute tot the value, the equity of your property. The Fiber Cement Siding Manufacturers know that they have to keep pace with the latest fiber cement technologies and that means they outpace vinyl siding a country mile. Yes, vinyl siding is cheaper and easier to install but it is also subject to exterior damage that fiber cement siding stands up to . Don’t take this for granted. If you want your home protected then you don’t take second chances at it. You invest in that which is the best and that is fiber cement siding hands down. Yes it’s a bit more expensive and tougher to install but that can be overcome rather easily. Matter of fact the costs you spend on this type of siding is returned so fast you might not remember spending it in the first place. You have the advantage here. You have the high ground with exterior siding protection because the companies that produce this type of siding don’t just toss it at you and leave you alone, no, on the contraray you’ll find the top fiber cement siding companies utilizing the utmost in the latst est technologies and starte of the art processign to provedie you with both service and substance that brigns peace of mind and money to your pockets.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding:

Lets take a look at some of this to get it in the right perspective. You’re installing or having installed some fiber cement siding. This siding is impervious to water so right there you can count on protection from water damage. Sure vinyl is waterproof too but not at the level of fiber cement siding. Let the cold sweep through and you’ll find that fiber cement siding beats vinyl hands down. Fiber cement siding doesn’t crack or warp with the temperatures drop below zero. Matter of fact, even in hot weather they don’t crack or melt like vinyl will. No warping and they protect the interior of the home from the hot weather outside and keep the air conditioning cool inside. Same goes for the winter months by keeping the heat inside thus cutting down on the oil and gas and electric costs. vinyl can’t come close there.

Weather Resistance of Fiber Cement Siding Vs Vinyl Siding

Impact wise when those errant branches and debris come flying through the air and hit the side of your home, vinyl might tear, take dents and such requiring a major repair job. Not so with fiber cement siding. It’s designed to withstand hurricane force winds. Where vinyl might tear loose and fly away with the wind, fiber cement siding keeps it’s place and takes the beating and looks good doing it.

Vinyl Siding Prices Vs Fiber Cement Prices

Now down to brass tacks regarding money. Vinyl looks okay, but in comparison to fiber cement siding it couldn’t hold a candle to it. Some of these fiber cement siding designs and variations look so good that they are involved in contests around the country which is why millions and millions of homeowners are choosing them. It’s because the equity of the home advances in leaps and bounds right off the bat. In addition the savings from the energy costs are amazing. It’s like insulation that looks good enough to take a picture with. The cement fiber and other ingredients keep the cold air out and the warm air in and vice versa. It’s water resistance keeps the water outside so that mold and other water related problems can’t get a foot hold. If you’re concerned with Fiber Cement Siding Prices, just do a few searches online and read some Fiber Cement Siding Reviews like this one.

Fiber Cement Board Installation is not at all that complicated, it’s a little heavy to install yourself. However, with careful planning and the right tools, you’ll be on your way. The two leaders in fiber cement siding are:

  • James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
  • CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding

Both of the Fiber Cement Siding Manufacturers listed above have comparable Fiber Cement Siding Prices and literature in how to properly plan and easy to follow Fiber Cement Board Installation guides to make your project run smoothly.

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the choice of siding is clear, fiber cement siding puts vinyl siding on the sidelines.


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