Fiber Cement Siding Cost, Colors, Options

Fiber Cement Siding Cost Explained..

Fiber cement siding cost explained in detail from a siding professional. Learn about cement siding options and colors to choose from.

“One of the coolest inventions to come along in years is that of fiber cement siding. This composite of cement, sand, fiber and other ingredients provides one of the most innovative and well needed product for the protection of homes and businesses.”

Why Fiber Cement Siding

What fiber cement siding does is provides a kind of protection that rock and wood normally might do. Since brick is not in the picture here for siding, we’re talking about the kind of siding that normally would be wood, vinyl, or even aluminum. These siding preferences have proven effective and useful for years, especially wood. However with the siding of centuries, wood planks, aluminum and vinyl came as a a substitute, less expensive and easier to install. Aluminum and vinyl didn’t mold or deteriorate nor needed the excess care that wood did. These non organic siding options were easy to install and left alone until replacement or touch ups were needed. The aluminum and vinyl solutions were cool and looked okay but if harsh weather and impact from debris, rust, or harsh sunlight and heat hit, both sidings has to be replaced. That became expensive and a royal pain. That’s when the idea of fiber cement siding came along and it’s a good thing it did.

Benefits Of Fiber Cement Siding:

The Fiber Cement Siding Cost Comparison has advantages far above the traditional siding options. Unlike wood it doesn’t rot nor does it burn. Unlike aluminum it doesn’t corrode and it can take an impact without the denting which can’t be repaired but has to be replaced like what happens to aluminum. It doesn’t warp or melt like vinyl does nor does it tear. In fact, fiber cement siding is resistant to impact to the point it can withstand hurricane force winds. The manufacturers of the best brands of fiber cement siding spend years, sometimes a decade or two in research and development in order to provide a product so powerful that they increase in their resilience quite often. This is why these manufacturers offer such extremely long warranties lasting as much as fifty years or more. It’s because the products can withstand just about anything and are easy to maintenance. Painting them to keep up their good looks takes place around every 15 years.

Fiber Cement Siding Cost:

This offsets the Cost to Install fiber cement siding because once the siding is in place the home grows in value. There’s no long monthly or yearly wait, the minute this type of siding is installed and finished the property looks so good that the price and equity can skyrocket. Not only that but the insurance rates for your home should drop. The insurance companies know full well the benefits of fiber cement siding. Not only that but they’ll probably chip in with suggestions of some sort or another as to which type of siding to get and the properties for protection they themselves recommend.

Cement Siding Options:

The manufacturers know that the foremost thing is that the siding protect your investment. However, the finer manufacturers have discovered ways to provide the type of siding that is so attractive that it stands on its own on the aesthetics level you expect. You can find that there are a wide array of siding solutions that include trims, sizes, and more. You can even use today’s computer technologies and software to design your own siding looks. This allows you to save lots on purchasing and installation. You get what you want but you keep in step with the safety and security that proper installation affords.

Top Of The Line Warranties:

So take into account that fiber cement siding is the robust solution to your siding needs.  The manufacturers and distributors know the challenges involved and in general take good to exemplary care of you. Not only that but the more established companies that are going to be around for that 50 to 100 year warranty will be there each step of the way. For  example, James Hardie fiber cement siding comes backed with a 50 year warranty and 15 years on the pre-backed paint finish.




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