Fiber Cement Siding Types, Manufactures, Reviews


fiber cement siding options, prices explained by a licensed fiber cement siding installer and house remodeler.

The wonder of the innovative applications of fiber cement siding calls for a look at what types of siding there are…


This type of cement siding is designed for one primary thing, protection of your home or other structure that you require siding for. Protection against water, wind, impact, fire, insects, mold and more are the hallmarks of finely crafted cement fiber siding. That being said, the products of this type of siding must meed certain standards and that’s the foundation to which you need to start.

What Types of Fiber Cement Siding Are There:

The variations in the types of fiber cement siding depends on the fiber cement siding Manufacturers imagination and the needs of the public. Since there are a number of designs in regard to homes, the industry has to adapt to those designs. As some structures might look for a more traditional look like shingles, then there are actual fiber cement siding configurations that mimic the look of traditional siding to the point that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. Not only that but the new composites will last longer than regular shingles as they can take more punishment from the elements and that stray object that storms can kick up. Add to all that are configurations such as lap siding, vertical siding and more. It takes some shopping around but you’ll find that each manufacturer of fiber cement siding does their best to come up with their own designs. For example; CertainTeed Fiber cement siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding have comparable options and Fiber cement siding prices.

Durability Of Fiber Cement Siding:

Most Manufactures of cement siding need to keep ahead of the competition but still maintain the primary purpose of the siding which is protection. The basic composite being cement fiber, you might find other variations on a them that makes the siding stronger against let’s say fire or impact. You’ll need to estimate what your home’s exterior environment will encounter. If you’re in a high wind area then you’ll want siding that can take on that errant branch or other debris caught up in the wind. If you’re in the colder climates you’ll want that siding that keeps in the heat thus saving on energy. Same goes for those in the warmer climates. The siding should repel the Sun’s heat yet keep in that cool air conditioning to the point that you won’t need to run the air conditioner at full blast to enjoy it’s functions.

Longevity Of Fiber Cement Siding:

Most fiber cement siding reviews say in the wet and muggy areas you’ll need the type of siding that withstands the wetness and won’t mold. Buffeting rain and snow can do havoc on siding but not with fiber cement siding. The composite siding is specially designed to let water and snow and ice know who the boss is. The siding won’t crack either in extreme cold conditions and that’s going to be a major savings right there. What is extra cool is it doesn’t matter where your home is or what you need the siding for, the aesthetic or decorative factor doesn’t impede the product’s performance. You can live in the hottest section of the country and get fiber cement siding that looks as good as the home made siding from yesteryear.


So again, the fiber cement siding cost and variations consist of size, shape, and composition regarding the elements. The ability to shape the cement siding into different shapes and textures allows for a variety of finishes that give your home that special look that not only will last a lifetime but do so looking good. The savings are enormous and in a short time you’ll find that the money you invest in the siding pays off many times over.

So don’t hesitate to do some studying on the types of fiber cement siding. There are classic configurations and there are new and up and coming compositions and designs. Who knows, you might be able to contribute to a new design or composition. Just keep in communication with the manufacturer you choose. There are a number of websites and blogs that contribute to the ever growing fiber cement siding industry and with that kind of across the board communication you’ll see the value of the siding as well as types of the siding you might have missed on your shopping rounds.

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